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                                                                                  Is Mental Illness Demons?: Understanding Mental Illness from a Christian Perspective by Adam Lee

 Is mental illness really demons? Many Christians and just people in  general believe that mental illness is demons, and there are even many  books written to that affect. Many deliverance ministries get a lot of  business from the mentally ill. But is it really always demons?

There  are many Christians living with mental illness and they aren't healed,  some are ministers. This book is about mental illness from a Christian  perspective, and many wonder if you can even be a real Christian and  have mental illness. All too often the mentally ill are treated like  outcasts in the Christian community like they have the plague or  something. In this book the author, who is a minister, takes you on a  journey of his own battle with mental illness (Bipolar disorder) and  Christian faith, as well as addresses the belief that everyone is always  healed and whether or not it is demons. Take a walk into the world of  being a Christian and living with mental illness.                                                                                                                       

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 For Prophets Only by Adam Becker.  This is a Christian prophetic training manual that covers prophetic  ministry and dream interpretation and many more subjects. This is hands  down the best Christian book on doing prophetic ministry that there is.   It is a must read if your called to walk in the prophetic.  It contains  so much more than other prophetic ministry books and is a how to guide.   Don't let this one pass you by.

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                                                                                  Energy Meditation: Taking in Gods Presence and Energy for Meditative Practice                                                                                       By Adam Becker                                Meditation has a new age stigma to it but it doesn't have to.  In this  book, energy meditation is explained.  What kind of energy, Gods energy  of course.  Yes, you can meditate on God and take in his energy and it  can change your life.  In this book I will discuss the most spiritual  meditation of them all.  This is a Christian meditation guide book.  For  Christians by a Christian minister.  This is Biblical meditation!   

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                                                                                  True Salvation: What truly receiving Christ looks like?                                                                                        by Adam Becker  What does true salvation look like?  How do you know that you are really  a born again Christian.  This book details Biblically what true  salvation looks like and what it means to be born again.  So many  Christians have a misunderstanding of true salvation.  This books seeks  to correct that.  Whether you are a new Christian, theologian or  contemplating whether or not you want to become a Christian this book is  for you.


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                                                                                  Christian Reiki Healing                                                                                        by Adam Becker

 Is Reiki Christian and if so what is the Christian form of Reiki.  The  answer is yes, Reiki can be a Christian art of healing.  There is an  energy to God. And Christ often used the laying on of hands that Reiki  practitioners use to heal.  If your getting the energy from the right  place then yes, Reiki can be a Christian thing.  This book tells you  what traditional Reiki is compared to Christian Reiki and tells you how  to actually do Christian Reiki and help others. 

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         Jesus Permitted Divorce:  Reasons for Divorce and Surviving It from a Christian Perspective                                                                                        by Adam Becker

     If you are facing a divorce or contemplating one then this book is for  you.  This book explores reasons for divorce as well as surviving  divorce from a Christian perspective. When going through or  contemplating a divorce you need all the help you can get.  This book  can be very helpful and maybe just what you need.