Why do you have a minimum donation for the 48-hour personal prophecy, healing sessions, books, and audio mp3s? Aren't gifts supposed to be free?  

  That is a legit question and I will say that I have been doing personal prophecy for 15 years on this site and for a large majority of that time everything was totally free.  I spent many hours a day doing prophecies for people and found that people did not value them being free.  People just don't value free things as much as things they pay for.  Even when they where amazed at the accuracy of the prophecy they still valued it very little.  It is the same with healing sessions, books, and audio teachings.  People won't, value it if its free or take it to heart.  It also takes up a lot of our time and time is money.  In many cultures, the prophet and healer were taken care of by the community they served.  Their food and shelter were supplied as was other things.  In the Bible, in the Old Testament it was customary to bring the prophet a gift for his service.  Christ and the disciples were also taken care of.  In today's world required donations is a way to provide for our needs.  

  I thought gifts were supposed to be free?  

  The truth is God has given people many gifts and talents.  Most people get paid to use those gifts to provide service to others.  Artists, musicians, doctors, carpenters, teachers, even pastors get paid for their gifts.  Why should we be any different?  If you or someone you know would like to offer what we offer for free they are welcome to do that but we have learned that doesnt keep a ministry going these days.  When you offer something for free in ministry and leave it up to people whether or not they want to give they never do.  I have had so many people email me and say I will only donate if the prophecy is accurate.  So I did the prophecy and it blew them away and they said they were amazed then I asked them to donate and they would always say I will later and they never do.  So now we require donations on some things to help meet our needs and this ministry's needs.  

 So what does this healing session look like and what is it?   

The healing service or session is just me taking in God's healing anointing and  energy and transferring it to people for healing from a distance.  No  strange stuff involved.  I pray, open myself up to God to receive the  healing energy or anointing then picture them and picture the anointing going from me to them wherever they are at.  I  have done it for other people and I actually feel Gods presence and his  anointing entering me, radiating my body then feel it spreading to the  person I picture.  Thats all there is too it.  I know to some they may think its some unbiblical thing or new age but  it is not at all.    

Why not have people donate after they get a accurate prophecy?

  I have had many people over the years say they will donate after they get a prophetic word and they see that it is accurate.  The truth is I have then given them a prophetic word and they say they are amazed at how accurate it was but they cant donate now and they will do it next week.  In all those cases they never do donate at all and they dont follow this ministry in the future.  They just move on to some other ministry and dont even remember this one.  Basically if they are doubting the accuracy of my prophecies before they even get one they are not exercising faith in God or this ministry and if they dont want to donate till after they get a prophetic word they are not valuing this ministry and even after having thousands of accurate prophetic words they never will value us.  So I no longer pay attention to prophecy requests where people say they will donate after I give them an accurate prophecy.