God's Presence Meditation


One way that Adam Becker worships is a mediation on Gods presence, this is actually how Adam does church and is really helpful in having communion with the spirit of God.  The following is Adam's mini-book on how to do it.  

Energy Meditation: Meditating and Taking in Gods Presence for Meditative Practice

  By Adam Becker

Copyright 2019

Table of contents

Meditation Is Not Evil!

How To Do Energy Meditation Gods Way

Meditation Is Not Evil!

  I realize that in todays world the new age and other religions have really taken meditation and ran with it.  They made meditation their own and alienated it from Christianity.  But it doesn’t have to be alienated.  Really meditation is focus and we know we can focus on things or not focus on things and it is not evil.  Meditation is not evil in itself.  There are many different types of meditation that you can do that is not at all evil and may be beneficial as long as what you are meditating on is not contrary to Christ.

 The Bible even says to meditate, we are to meditate on the law of the Lord and Gods word.  Yes, that is right Christians can meditate.  Mediation can be helpful and is about clearing your mind from all the clutter of life and focusing on something positive and life giving.  The kind of meditation I am going to be talking about is a very spiritual meditation and is very God or Christ focused.  If you follow my directions and take part in the energy meditation I am about to talk about you will reduce stress, flow in more gifts of the spirit and greater anointing from the Lord, deepen your relationship with the Lord, know what it truly means to worship the Lord in spirit, have greater strength to handle giants and walk in more love towards others.  This type of meditation I am about to teach you will change your life.  But you have to have an open mind and know that God will lead and guide you.

How to Do Energy Meditation Gods Way

 What I am about to teach you I did not learn in a book or from some guru.  I did not learn it in church or from a minister.  I learned it from the Holy Spirit and Christ.  The new age and eastern religions have counterfeited at lot of things that are Holy and of the Lord.  Meditation is one of those things.

  When I would worship God, I would notice that I would feel energy or Gods presence come over me.  I learned from the Holy Spirit that this energy from God is available to us anywhere anytime.  When I found that this was easily assessable and beneficial I was hooked I began to spend hours a day taking in this energy from God and it changed my life.  It is available to us all, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ it is available to you also.

Here is how you do it. You should mainly do this by yourself but it can be done at church, I used to do it in a church worship service also.  I usually use music (Christian praise and worship songs of course but you can also use meditation music) and I don’t necessarily sing the words and dance to the songs, what I do is close my eyes and focus totally on God.  I try to be still and calm as possible.  It is best to sit Indian style with your legs crossed but you can do whatever is comfortable.  I don’t focus on anything around me I just clear my mind and focus and think on God.  It may help to even remember all the things he has done for you (your testimony).  I just totally focus on him keeping my eyes closed and I will talk to him (I will whisper it, you don’t need to yell He can hear you) and I tell him how much He means to me.  You will need to open yourself up to Gods presence and energy like opening your mind and heart to all that God is and letting God come inside you.  Begin to open yourself up to the Lord, becoming totally vulnerable.

I try to remain still and very loose and let his peace come upon me.  I then will feel Him.  It feels like a warm tingling energy coming upon my head and shoulders and working its way through me.  If you remain still and focused and yield to it- it will get more intense.  Sometimes I will start to feel my arms moving like God is pulling on them and the energy force is trying to move them or my legs (if I am laying down) and it will feel amazing, but you need to yield to it and let God move your arms and if you do, you will go into it deeper and deeper and after a little while it will feel as if you are not in your body any more (that is the best way I can describe it).  But if you resist and not let God move your arms and have control of them, then it will stop, you need to let God have total control of your body.  It can be scary I don’t know of too many people that would be comfortable with someone else having total control of their body but if you don’t you cannot go deeper and receive what God has for you.

 When I have had times like this, it sometimes can feel like I am in another place with God, and in that place He may speak to me or show me things, but most of the time and best of all He communes with me and it is like I am being touched by Him and flowing with Him.  There is different levels to this as you get better at it and you feel like you left your body or you are not aware of the physical world anymore.  I become so built up and energized that I feel ready to do anything.  Each time you spend time with God in this way it changes you, it may not be that noticeable at first, but it does change you, and your character and outlook starts to become more like God’s and you can also flow in the anointing and prophetic better. There is a maturity process to this and many levels, maybe the first couple of times you may not feel anything, but the more you do it and learn to be sensitive to God, you will mature in it and hopefully experience the things that I have described.  I have gotten to where I don’t need music to do it, but you will most likely always need silence and a secluded place.

 I realize this may scare people as some may worry that an evil spirit may invade you or something when you open yourself up like this but the Bible says if you ask God for a fish does He give you a stone?  No, God doesn’t, you have to have faith that God will come through for you and fill you with his anointing and energy and He will.

 You will need to practice this on a regular basis to get good at it and to really benefit from it.  But if you do you will see your life change for the better.  Your mind will have less clutter, you will walk in more love, you will walk in greater spiritual giftings, God will speak to you and show you things about your self and others, you will have more God dreams at night, see more God visions, have more peace, know God on a more personal level and so much more.  This is truly life changing.  Grab hold of it and let it move you.  You won’t be disappointed!