Now You Can Email Us For Advice!

If you need advice on something you can now email us for advice.  We may be able to help you in what you are dealing with.  We have been there, done that and have gained some wisdom along the way.  Please email us today for advice if you need it.  Advice is not prophetic ministry or personal prophecy, its a small form of life coaching and its free.  Just email us at and put Advice in the subject line.  Put in the email what the problem is and what your going through.  Tell us about it and if we have advice on that subject we will email you back with the advice or talk more with you to understand fully so we can give you the best advice for your situation or problem.  We are not counselors and this is not counseling or therapy its just advice.  Please take care in responding to the advice and seek professional counsel before making big decisions based on what we may suggest.