Prophetic Ministries Certification

We have given the following list of prophetic ministries our Prophetic Ministries Certification and we recommend them to you.  


Identity Network, Jeremy Lopez --  

Global Prophetic Voice  -- 

Aslam’s Place -

A Word in Season --

Chavda Ministries International-- 

Dale Gentry Ministries -- 

Doug Addison -- 

Dutch Sheets Ministries --

Faith Tabernacle --

Generals International Cindy Jacobs ---

Glory of Zion International Ministries --

His Amazing Glory Ministries --

Kathleen Pirl Ministries --

Mary Lindow --

Patricia King Prophetic Ministry --

Phyllis Ford Ministries ---

Ron McGatlin --

Scarrella Ministries---

Tom Stamman---

Wayne Sutton---  


If you would like a prophetic ministries certification on our site and be recommended then  

Please email us at and put prophetic ministries certification in the subject if your interested.