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Personal Prophetic ministry or personal prophecy teaching. By Adam Becker


Personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy Gift, Seeing Pictures, doing personal prophecy. 

My main gifting is that of a seer I rely heavily on the images I see which can be pictures in when you close your eyes clear your mind and you will see in your minds eye or from your spirit an image. Eventually you can get to a point in which you don’t need to close your eyes you just see the image mixed in with everything else in the natural. 

Often the picture or image will just be that- a picture but if you stay focused and watch the pictures they may play like a movie and there are scenes and revelation in the scenes either pertaining to the past, present or future. You often will get pictures that are symbolic so you may need to interpret them using dream interpretation methods and common sense. You also will need to develop discernment about whether or not what you are seeing is pertaining to the past, present or future or how this applies to the person if at all. Sometimes discernment will come from an unction or divine knowing, other times it will come through a word that you will hear in your heart, or it may come from the feelings that you feel from the person or you may need to just say it to the person and they will know what it applies to and tell you. One example of seeing an image of something for someone else is I was on a team with Streams Ministries and we were ministering to a man who requested ministry and he sat down in front of us and the others on the team were just giving him words like God loves you and has a plan for your life and things like that. But all I kept seeing was a vision of a woman wearing a white gown coming out from him like away from him. I did not know what this meant but felt a very sad and heavy feeling with it so I told the man what I saw. He said his wife is leaving him and broke down in tears. God wanted to minister to him about his wife and the hurt that he has and God showed me that in a vision. I couldn’t have known his wife was leaving him not by natural means, it was totally God. 

I also will get feelings with the pictures, I will feel the emotions and have divine knowings, this helps interpret the movie pictures because the emotions are the persons emotions that I am ministering to. 

At other times you won’t get pictures with emotions you will get the emotions separate. I will rarely open my self up to hear actual words or the voice of God because that is usually when false spirits can come and try and deceive you or you will hear your own inner voice tainted with your thoughts, so I mainly rely on the sight, feelings, and divine knowings it seems to be a lot more accurate than hearing a voice or word. But I often will hear a song or a phrase spoken or a word and that will give me more revelation into the persons life. I just close off myself and my own feelings and thoughts and I open myself up and focus on the person needing ministry, you will also need to ask God to use you and speak through you. When ministering to a person on the computer through the internet pray and focus on the person who requested ministry and it will come just like I explained above. If I am in the a public or corporate church setting then I will just be open to people in general and you will start to feel a drawing to certain people and then you will see things, feel things, know things or maybe hear words for them. 

Using these gifts works a lot stronger when you are near the person being ministered to instead of not even knowing what they look like or their name. It is a whole another ball game when you are ministering to people face to face and as it can be easier. Most of the time when you are doing it over the internet where you cant see the person it can cause you to have a little bit of fear as many people will test you just to find fault in you or to see if you are for real or trick you and that fear will rob your peace and as most know peace is what helps bring forth revelation. So be careful if you are ministering to people in a setting in which they can trick you and try and test you if you are not comfortable with that setting then don’t do it. Also if you do find your self in a situation in which you are ministering to a person that you cant see always be discerning and if you feel a wall or a block in revelation or a lack of anointing to minister to that person then don’t do it as that usually means that you aren’t supposed to minister to them and or they may be tricking you or testing you. Also don’t rely on and try and interpret things you see in the natural, like if you see the person act a certain way or have a certain expression, don’t try and give them a personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy based off of that. Most people try and interpret things that they see in the natural and then tell it to the person being ministered to and more than often the word is wrong because a person is who they are in their heart and who God says they are, they are not who they physically look like or act like. 

As a prophet you may also see things in the church in the spirit realm as Elisha and his servant did [2 kings 2:17] and what God is doing or even what the demonic is doing which is not always a bad thing because then you can give people warnings and tell them that they are about to be under spiritual attack or that the church is going to have trails. Also if you do hear words from the demonic it is not always bad either because then you know what the demonic is wanting to do or is going to do, you then can warn people and tell them to be ready and pray. 

You will also have to test the spirits It is not easy testing spirits it takes a lot practice and messing up and after a while you just know what was the voice of God or what was demonic but demonic voices usually will give you a yuck feeling in the pit of your stomach and then if it was demonic then you know what the demon is up to and you can warn people or tell them what the devil is trying to do but then you tell them that God is with them and that they will make it and you can pray over them. I used to be afraid of the demonic and hearing from a bad spirit but through many tests and dreams and such that the Lord allowed, he taught me not to fear bad spirits or the devil, and that if I hear from them or sense them it is not always bad and it is part of the gift that way I will know the plans of the devil over people and what he is trying to do and then I can help them, Jesus heard and saw demons. Countless times I have saw Satan doing things to people or heard spirits and I told the people that I saw him doing it to and they will always tell me that is exactly right and that is going on even now. Or I have seen Satan wanting to do something in a church and I have told the pastor what is going on and sure enough it happens but the pastor is more prepared to deal with it because I warned him. I never talk back to the devil or have a conversation I only take what I heard or saw and pray and give warning or confirmation to people. Now if you are being harassed by spirits then you should rebuke them but do not fear them because if you do they will get worse for they feed off of fear. If you no longer fear them they will stop harassing you and have no power. 

Most of the time when I minister it is with just personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy gift which is not a bad thing because the gift can encourage people, it can let them know what God or the demonic is doing, it can tell you what they are feeling and what is bothering them so that you can then tell them and they will feel comforted and you can pray over them. Other times it is God and in that case the gifting will be clearer and stronger and you will feel a great love and confidence in sharing things with people you will feel Gods heart for them even more. 

Things I have learned not to try and do is predict or prophesy the future, and any kind of remote viewing, these things will lead to error. It also is not good having people ask you specific questions because then you can give them a presuppositional answer that is from you and not God or the prophetic gift. It is better to not know the person being ministered to or anything about them and to just be open to what ever you see for them in that way what you get will not be tainted with your own beliefs and ideas about them. 

When I talk about most of the time it will just be the gift I am talking about the prophetic gifting that makes you sensitive to the spirit and supernatural realm, it is a gifting that people who are not even Christians may have such as Balaam in Numbers 22 of the Bible. The prophetic gifting often gives you the ability to feel other peoples feelings, see into the spirit realm, supernaturally know things about people and many other things but when a person who has a gift is used of and called by God you will see more divine things happening in their life or ministry especially if they are a prophet and peoples lives will be changed for the better, the saints will be equipped and if they aren’t a saint then they will be drawn to Christ and become one. It is not enough just to have a prophetic gift you need to have that gift submitted to God and to be called by God. 

The Seer 

As a part of the prophetic gifting some people have a gift in which they can see into the spirit realm some call this "discerning of spirits" others call this the seer, it is like when the prophet Elisha and his servant saw the army of angels in 2 Kings of the Bible. I often see the "glory cloud" and the presence of God. I see it in the natural it isn’t like a picture or image it is very real. It looks like fog or a cloud of smoke, sometimes it is all over a room other times it is in a certain place or on certain people or thicker and thinner. I see it when it comes, goes, moves or stays. It is the manifest presence of God almighty. It often will show up during a worship service or prayer service but not all services have it. It also shows up when nothing at all is going on or even outside of the church at homes or on people. 

When you see the glory cloud it is often an indication that God wants to do something like a miracle or display his power. It also is an indication as to whether true worship is going on in a service or whether or not there is an anointing on someone (if it is seen on a person) and that anointing is to accomplish a purpose. If you see the glory cloud you should pray and ask God what he wants to do or accomplish. 

The seer also can see other things and mainly gets revelation from God through pictures and symbols that they see in their mind and visions. But like above some seer's actually will see some things in the spirit that appear to be real and mixed into the natural realm. 

The seer will also have the ability to see into the spirit realm and see what is going on in a place or over a person’s life. Often the seer will need to interpret what they see using dream interpretation methods. 

Put Things in such a way that they will receive personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy. 

First of all I want to caution people to not say “thus saith the Lord” Or to speak as if you are God when giving a spiritual reading. This makes prophets look fake and like showman, what you are saying also may not be God at all. It is better to say “I feel the Lord saying” or “I sense God showing me” this will be much better received. 

As a prophet you will also need to word things in such a way that people will better receive them. I wrote a college paper and I started out the paper with a couple of negative statements and my professor docked my grade and commented and told me to never begin a paper with a negative as and his whole attitude toward my paper was very negative and even though it was a good paper and contained some good stuff it didn’t matter and anyone who read it would not even give it a chance because of the negative contained in the beginning. Even when Christ rebuked the seven churches in the book of Revelation he always started out with some positive things first and it is the same way with the prophetic if we want what we say to the person being ministered to impact them and help them then we need to word things in such a way that they will receive what we say instead immediately dismiss it and get mad. 

“No one cares how much you know till they know how much you care” 

We need to express to them that we care about them and that God also cares about them or they may not care at all about what God wants to say to them or what we are sharing with them. 

This can be accomplished by not directly pointing out their sins such as if you do get revelation about a persons sins don’t just say that God is showing me that you have a cocaine problem and need to clean up you act or else, instead you could say that I feel the Lord showing me that you are struggling with some issues in your life that may be addicting but God loves you and wants to see you through it and overcome it and that you need to keep looking to the Lord and asking him to help you deal with these issues and you can then pray a general prayer with them not naming their sin or making them feel awful but encouraged. 

Basically you will need to give people hope and a feeling of love and empathy, I am not saying at all to tell people what they want to hear but to simply word things in such a way that it doesn’t make them feel like God is mad at them, give them hope that way they will receive what you are sharing and it will actually help them. 

Also before you give a word to someone or speak anything that the Lord gives you always try and ask yourself the question; “how is this going to help this person or what good is it going to do.” Basically if what you are going to say is not going to help them in anyway then maybe you aren’t meant to share it. 

People Don’t Always Receive personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy’s 

I have heard ministries and preachers say that if people were to go out in public whether in the work place or to people on the streets and were to give them an accurate spiritual reading that would speak divine insight into their life then they will fall on their knees and cry and then give their life fully to Christ and go to your church. While this may happen once in a while it is just not reality. 

I have given personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy’s quite a few times in the secular workplace as well as out in public and most of the time people will just think it is neat that you could tell them things about their life and such but they still wont give their life to Christ nor come to your church. I have met quite a few people who actually got scared and acted like you spied into their life or something. I have also have interpreted peoples dreams in public with accuracy and they were amazed and asked how I did that and I told them about Christ and such and they backed away and said that they weren’t into all that Christ stuff. I even told a person I worked with to give me only the first name of a person that they know that I don’t know and I will pray and then tell them what the person looks like and about their personal life and I was accurate and they were amazed but they still did not want to give their life to Christ and start going to church, maybe it planted the seed but it certainly did not make them fall on their knees crying and run to your church and give their life to Christ. 

Be prepared for people to not receive what you say even if it is accurate, be prepared for even other Christians to not be amazed at your gift and forget how God has used you. I have personally given very accurate personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy to people in very well know ministries and those people did not fall all over me and invite me to minister with them or come work for them. I also have given very accurate spiritual readings to pastors as well as dream interpretations which helped them but they still did not fall all over me and ask me to minister at their church. 

Don’t expect great and mighty things to happen just because you gave an accurate personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy; don’t expect people to be too impressed with you either as more than often they won’t be. That is just how people are and that is just how it is. Try not to have too high of expectations of how your ministry will impact people as you are in the service business and service is about others and you will be very disappointed if you are expecting it to serve you or get you somewhere. 

Also I have caught people lying to me and saying that the word wasn’t accurate when it was. Many times over though people don’t receive their prophetic words for whatever reason and it actually brings upon it a penalty. Several months back a friend asked me to do personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy for her best friend and she said he really needed it and was looking for something important in it. The Lord showed me several things for him one of which the Lord showed me was he doesn’t have a job and is looking for one earnestly and the Lord says he will help him find a job soon. Well I gave her personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy and didn’t hear back for a while but when I did she said the prophecy was wrong and nothing in it was accurate and he didn’t accept it. She also acted as if the prophecy was divination or something as the way it was worded. 

I thought well I must have missed it. But a month later I saw on social media she is asking for prayer for her best friend who she named who happened to be the same guy who she asked for a prophecy for and said the prophecy was wrong. But on social media she said he has been on unemployment for a year and has been jobless looking for a job and they just kicked him off of unemployment and now he is homeless. I thought well the prophecy was right after all, it was dead on and yet she lied to me and said it wasn’t and he didn’t accept it. I watched for several months as she kept posting that he can’t find a job and that he is still homeless and I thought but wait the personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy said that God would help him find a job but God clearly wasn’t. So I took it to prayer and the Lord showed me that it was Gods intention to help him find a job but since he didn’t receive the prophecy God didn’t help him. 

And that’s how it is for so many people who don’t accept their prophecies that they are given. God doesn’t follow through with the promises in the prophecies because they didn’t accept it. And there are so many people out there that don’t accept a prophecy for whatever reason and then don’t reap the benefit of that prophecy. Some prophecy is conditional, you have to accept it or do something about it for it to happen but if you plain flat out reject it then you have made your own bed. Personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy can be tough and I just want to say if you are into personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy’s industry and people say it’s not accurate and don’t receive it then don’t get discouraged they may be lying to you for whatever reason or if they don’t say anything at all it doesn’t mean it was wrong. John Paul Jackson used to say you are just the mail man it doesn’t matter if they like what’s in their letter your job is just to deliver it. Yes there are some prophecies you want to reject as ones that really are wrong or contain all condemnation but if something is actually accurate don’t be so quick to reject it you may regret it and you should honor the one who gave it with a thank you as they are Gods mouth piece. 

Don’t Just Tell People What They Want to Hear 

Luke 6:26 

26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, 

for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets. 


Your will have a very famous and well loved ministry if you tell people what they want to hear, everyone will speak well of you and want to be around you. They will even want to give you money and search you out because you make them feel good and approve of and confirm all their selfish plans. But don’t fall into this trap as being liked by everyone doesn’t make you a prophet as a matter of fact it most likely means that you aren’t one at all. 

There has been a time of irreverence for Gods plans and his Word, the Lord is directing his people back to a place in which we respect his plans and his ways even it if doesn’t fit our selfish goals and desires I feel that too many have gained a name for themselves by telling people what they want to hear and many have made their way instead of following Gods. God wants prophets who will speak for him even if the message is not popular. 

Jer 23:33-34 

33 "When these people, or a prophet or a priest, ask you, 'What is the oracle of the LORD?' say to them, 'What oracle? I will forsake you, declares the LORD.' 34 If a prophet or a priest or anyone else claims, 'This is the oracle of the LORD,' I will punish that man and his household. 


The word oracle means burden in this text, the people of Jeremiahs time were mocking Gods word and not respecting it and calling it a burden. There is a punishment for this and this can still apply to us today, and even though we are in a dispensation of grace God is still able dish out a dose of correction and discipline. 

At that time people and even the religious leaders only wanted to hear good messages from God not bad, they wanted to have their own way not Gods. The preceding verses tell of all the false messages that were going around and what it was like at that time which is similar to today (Jer 23:16-26). 

Just like in Jeremiahs time people today are calling Gods plans for their lives a burden, Gods people only want to hear Gods plans if they benefit them and their own goals, they then search out or make up false visions and dreams that fit their agenda. God takes this seriously and it shows a lack of respect and reverence for Gods word and ways. God is calling his people back to a place of humility back to a place in which we will not look on God plans and purposes as a burden if it collides with ours. God is calling us to a place of reverence and respect for his ways and his plans. 

Don’t fall into the trap of telling people what they want to hear. 

Use Your Gifts 

If you have a prophetic gift and calling don’t stop using it! 

I encourage you to use the gifts that you have on a daily basis because part of our nourishment and food comes from stepping out and using the gifts we have to glorify God and reach the lost. John 4:34-35, "My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. Do you not say, "four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you open your eyes and look at the fields! they are ripe for harvest." 

A portion of our spiritual food comes from ministering to others. If we are not doing that on a regular basis then we are undernourished and lacking in our relationship with God. There will be an emptiness in the pit of our stomach. The other portion of that scripture referred to making excuses, we don’t need to wait until we think we are ready or until we think they can handle it. We need to open our eyes and be led of the spirit now! prophetic ministry or personal prophecy by email