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 Attention prophetic ministry or personal prophecy is totally free however it may take some time to answer your request and sometimes we can't get to all the requests we get but If you donate $40 Adam Becker can answer your request within 48 hours and we guarantee it to be mostly accurate or your money back please read below for more detail.  Donations go to the fees for having the site and pays for expenses as well as our time. We also now offer a prophecy partnership subscription for a personal prophecy once a month.  The donation amount is cheaper than many other prophecy sites and is cheaper than taking your family out to dinner. Insight from the Lord into your life is priceless and worth more than many of the things we spend money on everyday. There is so much value in prophetic words

So what is personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy?  A personal prophecy or personal prophetic ministry is someone hearing from the Holy Spirit (God) about someone else's past, present or future and telling them what it is and what God says or shows them. Personal Prophetic ministry or personal prophecy conveys much needed insight, Gods heart and gives people hope.  We all need hope and insight.

Want personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy, this is how it works please send us an email requesting personal prophetic ministry or personal prophecy and we will email you back with what God or the spirit shows us for you.  Also include your gender and if your single or not which would include being in a relationship or marriage. Personal Prophetic ministry or personal prophecy is free but if you want your request answered withing 48 hours by Adam Becker please donate $40 to the donate button below in this page then email us letting us know you paid and your request and we will answer it within 48 hours.  We guarantee that if you donate the $40 your word will be mostly accurate if it is not let us know within 24 hours of us sending you the word and we will refund your donation in full.  We say mostly accurate because we may misinterpret what we see which is a common mistake, the word may not be wrong but the interpretation may be so there can be some things in prophetic ministry or personal prophecy that may not be totally accurate.  Please see bellow to donate.   Please also note that we are not perfect and may make mistakes, if something doesn't sound right or isn't accurate please don't take it to heart.  I interpret what I see and sometimes I see correctly but get the interpretation wrong that can happen.   When emailing us requesting a personal prophecy or personal prophetic ministry please don't tell us anything about yourself except your sex and if your married or in a relationship or not.  If you tell us all kinds of things about yourself or what you need to hear from God about it might cloud or influence what we are seeing from the spirit so please don't tell us all kinds of things.

If you would like a personal prophecy or free personal prophetic ministry send email to: if you want your request answered within 48 hours by Adam then first donate below $40 and then email us and let us know you donated along with your gender and relationship status.  Also send in your testimonies of prophetic ministry,  or personal prophecy that were accurate we would love to hear them.  Also check your junk email folders for replies from us sometimes our emails go into the junk folder.  Please note that you have to email us within a couple of days of it being after 48 hours and you not receiving your personal prophecy.  More than likely it went in your junk folder and you didnt see it.  We do not give refunds to people who email us weeks later and say they didn't receive it, especially if we sent it within the 48 hours as we guarantee. You have to let us know right away so we can deal with it right away. Get your free prophetic word today! 

All donations go to Faith Revival Church and are 501 c3

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