Spiritual Disciplines

The following are some helpful disciplines to follow, just like with anything in life you need some disciplines. Being spiritual and becoming reaching enlightenment by the Holy Spirit takes discipline.


Have a lifestyle of constant learning; In this life we are to grow, progress and seek truth. Develop a lifestyle of learning new things on a regular basis.

· Meditate on Gods presence on a regular basis; I cant stress enough how important meditation on Gods presence as taught by Adam Becker

· Don’t watch so much TV and Media; TV and media and especially violent, sexual, negative, depressing, immoral, and such movies or images which can also be music do have an impact on you especially if you are prophetic. The images that you see will affect your spiritual sight, and the attitudes and emotions will taint yours. I have found that TV and media will make hearing from God and flowing in spiritual things very weak.

· Fast and don’t overeat; If you fast about one day a week and all week make sure that you don’t overeat, then you will discipline your physical body and you will be less in-tune with the physical and natural realm and more in-tune with the supernatural realm.

· Don’t take intoxicating substances; Don’t take in intoxicating substances, intoxicating substances give you a false sense of spirituality that is not genuine and can cloud your mind and soul. Practice purity. Of course this in no way means that if you are on medication that you should go off of it.

· Spend time in quiet, solitude listening for the Lords direction; if we spend time on a regular basis waiting on God and listening for his voice, with no other distractions, it helps us to hear, listen and discern things better. This will help steer your spiritual path in the right direction

· Make decisions every day to live a Holy Life; We are not perfect on this earth even after we come to Christ but we can and need to a least try and make moral righteous decisions every day. If we can do that, it puts us in a better position to be used by God and to be more spiritual.

· Be a giver; live a life of charity and giving.

· Don’t let material things have you;  How can you heart be on spiritual matters if it is so stuck on earthly goods. This is not saying to be homeless and have nothing. It is saying don’t let things have you.  

· Practice a life of love; love your neighbor as yourself. This is the true mark of spirituality, selfless love.

· Be content with all things and in all things; contentment is key to enlightenment and spirituality. Be content in all things and you will have less suffering in this life and greater peace.

· Be Humble; Humility is something to be desired when walking in spiritual things and life. Pride is selfishness and pride is the opposite of Humility. Learn to be the least and you will be invited to greater. Jesus said the least among you is the greatest.

These are just some of the disciplines that you can practice on a regular basis, there may be more but the ones mentioned are sufficient. Of course, not everyone is going to be able to stick to all of these. That’s ok the path of be one with the Holy Spirit is your own path. Do what you can and the spirit wont lead you astray.