Christian Dream Interpretation


Christian dream interpretation. God and the spirit has been using dreams and visions to speak to people since Biblical times.  And guess what he uses them still today.  God oftentimes wants to speak to us through dreams and visions but we don't know what it means, sure the dream was for you but just like in the Bible there were people around to interpret dreams and were gifted in that area. Let us help you with your dream. We don't always get a supernatural answer to the meaning of your dream sometimes we don't and use dream symbols and give you an idea of what your dream can mean.  Which can be helpful to you.  It can be very hard to interpret your own dreams as you have an iron in the fire and you want it to mean a certain thing when it may not so you need another perspective on the dream to help you find true meaning.

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Understanding dreams may not come easy for most people and it does take time to learn. One of the best things that you can do is pay attention to how God speaks to you through your dreams and learn from it. I do recommend the following books as a means of better understanding symbolism and methods of interpreting dreams; "Exploring the World of Dreams by Benny Thomas,"  "Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Iraa Milligan," and "Dreams and Visions by Jane Hamon," "Dictionary Of Biblical Imagery by Leland Ryken." These are all wonderful books that will help you, but also remember that interpretation comes from the Lord and a relationship with him.

Some things to remember when trying to understand your dreams are not to get lost in all the little details of a dream, sometimes little details can be important but not always. Try and find out what the main subject or theme of the dream is this is especially important to communicate when trying to help others with their dreams.

Remember that not all dreams come from God and also be careful who you take your dreams too, everyone thinks that they can interpret dreams and most people who think that they are prophetic will go out of their way to give you their interpretation and most of the time it won’t be the right one. I have had many people give me the wrong interpretation of a dream and they can really be offensive to you in what they tell you, I have even had a people try and tell me to do something un-scriptural through dream interpretations.

Dreams are almost always symbolic but often they have some things that are literal in them but when seeking to interpret them it is good to look for the symbolism in the dream before looking for the literal such as if you dream about a death it is almost to be viewed as symbolic unless you have a history of death dreams coming true literally.

Dreams can be like a riddle, try and ask questions about things in the dream, like why did this take place at the school instead of at the bank and so on. Also ask yourself what certain things mean to you such as what do dogs mean to you if you dreamt of a dog, do you even like dogs? Or do you dislike them?  Dogs often represent best friends. Try and remember how you felt in the dream about certain things. Colors can also be important but it all depends if the color stood out to the dreamer and if they knew that that felt important often times people get lost trying to figure out the meaning of colors and miss the meaning of the dream so don’t spend to much time focusing on colors.

Also, who are the people in the dream? Do you know them? What do they look like? How do you feel about the person in the dream? Is the person a Pastor, prophet or evangelist? Is it a grandfather or a mother?

Often if it is a pastor then the subject and message of the dream have to do with pastoral issues or the church, if it is a prophet speaking then the message in the dream may be prophetic and revelatory. If a grandfather is in the dream then the dream may have a generational theme to it or a mother could represent the Holy Spirit if the person is a Christian and faceless people also can represent the Holy Spirit.  

Where is the dream taking place? Is it in a school, a house, outside, on a boat, or a mountain? Schools often are symbolic of learning so if you dreamt about going back to school then your dream is revealing that you are or will be learning a lesson or something over again or if you dream that you are back in school but you really aren’t required to be there then your dream may mean that you really already have learned the lesson and know better but are choosing to not move on and learn something new and now find your self learning the same things over again but you could start anytime learning something new. 

Are there vehicles in the dream? Vehicles can be symbolic of a career or ministry. Money can be symbolic of resources.  

Also, where are you in the dream?  Are you the main character- then the dream may be about you, are you observing and only watching -then the dream may not be about you, are you participating -then the dream may not be directly about you but it may affect you.  

God speaks to us in terms and in symbols that we can understand so if you are trying to help someone else out with their dream then you will need to know what symbols mean to them. 

Just like interpreting a passage of scripture we need to always consider context in the dream to help us see the meaning we also need to be prayerful and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when trying to find the meaning to a dream you may get an unction from the Holy Spirit that will help you identify the meaning or will the Holy Spirit will cause certain things to weigh heavy on your spirit. 

 A book that will get you used to different symbols in a dream is "Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Iraa Milligan," this book is not an absolute and the symbols don’t always mean what they say in the book it just gives you an idea of how symbols work and how they can be applied, the symbols also work with visions and interpreting things that you may see for people that you are ministering to. 


I once was talking with a young man about how God speaks through dreams and such and he began to tell me that he used to have dreams all the time then he took a psychology course in college. The course taught that dreams don’t come from God, aren’t spiritual and don’t have much meaning. He said that after taking the course and learning that he immediately stopped dreaming. You see what had happened was he lost faith in dreams and no longer paid attention to them and the result was he no longer dreamed.